WIPE OUT - Consortium of Fatty Acids

WIPE OUT - Consortium of Fatty Acids

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WIPE OUT is a consortium of Fatty Acids which acts on the exoskeleton and cell membrane of insects. It is used to activate the activities of other bio-insecticides on target pest as tank mix.

CROPS: All types of crops

BENEFITS: It is effective against all type of insect pests and works very well against all kinds of beetles e.g. Mealy bug, Whitefly, Aphids, Jassids, Thrips, Asparagus Beetle, Mexican Beetle, Caterpillar, Psyllids, Lace Bug & Spider Mite.

FOLIAR SPRAY: Mix 5 ml liquid Wipeout in 1 Litre water and spray every 15 days only on affected plants and area of the garden in case of heavy infestation.